Pull request – https://github.com/mozilla/brackets/pull/666


The styling of this dialog box was requested to resemble Google docs dialog box. So when I began developing this software I made a placeholder that attempted to mimic Google’s dialog box.

upon creating the pull request and discussing with some other developers who are working on thimble, they suggested that code should be implemented to handle checks to see which OS the user is running and adjust the dialog accordingly. Where if the OS is a MAC the dialog should say Command + key (x, c, v) and in any other case use Ctrl + key (x, c, v) for the dialog. This was implemented using a script in the html file for the dialog and performed a check to see if the OS was a MAC or anything else. I was requested to remove the script from the html file and pass the variables into the html template for the dialog using mustache. This was a fairly quick adjustment, but I came across and issue where the Unicode I used to display the Mac command key would be displayed rather than the icon. This was due to me using twin curly brackets rather than triple curly brackets which allows for character escape.

once this was completed the UI was put up, so that Flukeout on github could review it. He green lit the UI and the pull request was merged on April 10th, 2017


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